From Palette to Picture

As a freelance artist, it is important to adapt and move with the times. When I first began painting, my chosen medium was a mixture of gouache, pencil crayon and airbrush and a little later it was ink and watercolour.

Many years ago I found myself working as a designer in the video games industry, traditional drawn animation was being replaced by computer technology. It was here that I was introduced to digital painting (although I prefer the term Tradigital) and I have continued to use this technique ever since.

By using a Wacom tablet and stylus pen with a programme called Coral Painter I bring traditional drawing and painting techniques to a digital medium. Marks are made in exactly the same way that I would draw or paint with traditional materials however they appear as pixels instead of pigment.  I am proud to have recently been announced as official featured artist for Coral Painter.

My paintings always begin with ink and watercolour and I can spend weeks planning ideas in my sketchbooks before I finally commit to the final painting. The paintings can take weeks and sometimes months to complete, at this stage I do admit to getting excited because I finally get to see them in their final physical form.

The icing on the cake is when they are framed and exhibited. We have been so lucky to work with so many passionate independent galleries who know just how to bring that final magical touch to the paintings. When the paintings move people enough to buy them I never fail to feel honoured. This is a constant reminder to me to put all I have into my work.

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